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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is stored on the hard disk of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc) when you visit a website or an advertisement on Internet.

Cookies allow information concerning your browsing to be stored in order to make subsequent visits to websites easier and to offer you customised service. This information is kept for the cookie's lifetime, which is a parameter you can adjust in the Internet browser(s) on your device. You can also choose at any time to activate or disable cookies in the configuration settings for these applications.

Only the server that sent a cookie can read and/or change the information in it.

Cookie users

Cookies used by the Royan Tourisme website
When you connect to the Royan Tourisme website, we may need to store various cookies on your device to make browsing easier and customise our services to you. For example, these cookies can make it possible to: - adapt the presentation of our websites to the requirements of the device you are using (display resolution, operating system and browser used, etc), – to save information from a form you have filled out on our websites, - to compile statistics on traffic and use of the various sections in our websites so that we can make our services more interesting and easier to use.
Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies
While you are browsing the Royan Tourisme website, our partner companies may install third-party cookies on your device. This may apply for example when you use links to websites or applications which allow you to indicate or share content from our websites with other people, in particular on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc).
Even if you don't actually use these information sharing tools, it is possible that your browsing may be tracked if your account or session is open on your device at that particular moment.
The Royan Tourisme website has no control over cookies installed by a third party, nor over any collection of data resulting from this.
We recommend that you find out about the methods and policies for data protection used by the sites or applications in question.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies: :
The Royan Tourisme website uses cookies which are essential for its web pages to work properly. They allow you to access the various services we offer under the best conditions possible. So it is not recommended to eliminate them, because their absence would make browsing difficult.
The Royan Tourisme website also uses cookies for statistical purposes in order to know how many visitors visit its pages and the various subjects browsed. This information allows us to spot any mistakes and malfunctions, and to improve the services and information we provide.

Optional cookies: :
The Royan Tourisme website may also uses cookies aimed at improving your user experience and to make it easier for you to search for or share information. These cookies are not absolutely essential to guarantee the best possible browsing conditions.

Managing cookies on your device

You can activate or disable cookies in the website browser(s) installed on your device at any time free of charge.
When you activate cookies, you accept that information will be stored temporarily in a specific place on the hard disk of your device. Only the server that sent a cookie can read that cookie, and this for a limited period that you are free to set in the parameters of your browser.
You may also decide to disable all cookies, or to deal with them one by one as the case arises. If you totally refuse all cookies on your device this may result in problems when consulting our website pages. Vendée Expansion declines all responsibility in case of deterioration in browsing or any malfunction related with settings that prohibit cookies.
In order to chooses the exact settings you want concerning cookies, we recommend you check out the help pages of your Internet browser:

Internet Explorer
 - Firefox
 - Chrome
 - Safari
 - Opera

More information about cookies

If you want to know more about cookie policies in France, you can check with the following website:  CNIL.

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