A day at La Palmyre Zoo

The La Palmyre zoological park is a remarkable site in which more than 1600 animals of 115 different species live in the heart of 14 hectares of pine forest.

Founded in 1966 by Claude Caillé, this private park is one of the most renowned in Europe, welcoming more than 700,000 visitors each year. No less than 40 animal caretakers are in the care of the boarders who swallow an astronomical quantity of varied food and 2 permanent veterinarians assure the sanitary follow-up.

The zoo plays a major role in the conservation of endangered species by participating in numerous projects and has contributed to the reintroduction of some animals into the wild. To the delight of the children who discover them, the zoo records 200 to 250 births each year. This success is due in particular to the care given to the feeding and welfare of the animals.

A pleasure to share with family!

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La Palmyre zoo

Lucas, 8 years old, marvels at the zoo of La Palmyre.

"Elisa, wake up, quick!" I said "It's today! I can hear noises in the kitchen. Papa and Maman are up already. We have to be quick, the sooner we're ready, the quicker we'll be at the Zoo!"

After waking my sister, which from her grumpy air she didn't really appreciate, I rushed to the kitchen to get a quick breakfast. Maman had put out a bowl of cereal for me. I gulped it down in two ticks. Then off to the bathroom to get dressed. Once I'd cleaned my teeth I settled down on the sofa to watch my favourite cartoons. It goes without saying that I was first, my sister always takes hours to get ready….

I wished we were there already! I love animals, my favourites are the lions and tigers. I just hoped they wouldn't be having their afternoon nap when we were there. Maman had promised we'd watch the sea lion show. I was so happy!

Fifteen minutes later we were off. Full speed ahead to La Palmyre Zoo! We took the number 31 bus run by Carabus. Maman said that would avoid having to find somewhere to park. After a ride of about twenty minutes the bus stopped right in front of the Zoo. No need to walk far, great!

We stood in line to get our tickets. Then we took them towards the entrance. I showed my ticket at the gate. And there I was, in the Zoo! Brilliant!

We started to go round. I'd already spotted the giraffes. They are huge! After laughing at the otters playing, we went towards the big cats' area. Wow… they are just so beautiful! I'd really love to stroke them!

I asked my sister to take a photo of me to remember it all in future!

The Zoo is immense, we'd already been there for over an hour. Maman looked at her watch. I thought: it's nearly time for the show! We found the sea lions' pool. There were already lots of people. Papa led the way. He usually finds us the best places! We sat down. Shortly after the show began. The public was in high spirits. The sea lions were acting like real clowns, dancing and pirouetting. It was really funny!

After half an hour of laughter the show came to an end. We went off to see the rest of the Zoo.

An hour later we finished our tour at the primates area. Chimpanzees, orang-utans and even huge gorillas wandering all over the place. Fabulous!

We took a last few photos before leaving. We didn't want to miss the bus!

The Zoo is really brilliant! My friends will be really impressed when I tell them all about this unforgettable day!

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