Cycling in La Coubre forest

On this part of the itinerary of La Vélodyssée, you will appreciate the bike paths which cross the forest and the littoral about thirty kilometers between Royan and Ronce-les-Bains. An ideal way to soak up the beauty of the place. Between La Palmyre and the Lighthouse of the Coubre, the track allows access to the wild coast and its splendid beaches.

Those who wish to go further will descend the estuary of the Gironde on the itinerary of the canal of the two seas, from Royan to Mortagne-sur-Gironde.

cycling in La Coubre forest


Rudolf, Jeanne and their children Arthur and Gabriel recall their cycling in the Coubre forest.

Today we decided to explore the routes through La Coubre forest. My husband and I love cycling. Our children have caught the bug too. We've been following the Vélodyssée cycle route during our holidays for the past two years. It's a real adventure stretching 1,200 km along the French Atlantic coast. This year it was the children who chose where we would stay. We've rented a flat in the centre of a holiday village in La Palmyre right beside the sea. It's the first time we've stayed in this part of the country. The place seems to me to have a lot to offer. With all the natural and cultural attractions there's something for all tastes. Something tells me there are plenty of surprises waiting for us just around the corner …

We set off at 9.30. Equipped with our backpacks we jumped on our bikes. We'd checked on the map beforehand and it appeared that we'd have a total round trip of about 40 km to cycle between La Palmyre and Ronce-les-Bains.
So off we went. The cycle route runs along the coast and gave us some wonderful views. It's a real pleasure to be able to go for a ride without being bothered about cars. You can admire the countryside at your pleasure! We cycled past the port, going towards the thickest part of the forest.

After about half-an-hour we drew level with La Coubre lighthouse. It's well-worth taking a look at this impressive monument. Maybe we'll visit it later in the week to admire the panorama from the top! We met plenty of other cyclists during our ride, and the contacts were definitely friendly!

After crossing the forest we reached Ronce-les-Bains. A quick check with a watch showed we'd taken about 3 hours. The right time for a break at last! The distance covered was well-worth a reward!

We decided to carry on to the banks of the Seudre estuary, to find a more typically local place for lunch. Lots of little multicoloured cabins line the oyster-farming channel. We stopped at a restaurant overlooking the port.

After a delicious meal we set off again on our bikes.

The sun was right up high. Despite the shade from the pine trees, the idea of a swim on the Côte Sauvage was very welcome! After a relaxing break on the beach we returned peacefully back to our holiday rental.

Seven in the evening and here we are! The younger generation are tired – but delighted!

It has been an exceptionally good day and this is just the beginning!

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