Walking at Talmont-sur-Gironde

The walkers, hikers, will go to Talmont-sur-Gironde, village classified among the most beautiful village of France, where they can admire the church Sainte-Radegonde perched on its promontory. Its architecture, the sobriety and purity of its nave, its sculpted decoration make it an inescapable jewel of Saintongeese Romanesque art.

They will take pleasure in strolling in the valleys of this former enclosed city fringed with hollyhocks.

From here, they can walk along the marked trails winding through vineyards, hillsides, cliffs, marshes and forests ...

The bravest, equipped with their topo-guide, will perform the GR 360 for a distance of 118 km from Saint Romain-de-Benêt.

To learn more about hiking in Pays Royannais and the village of Talmont-sur-Gironde.


Elise, 34, takes us to the alleys of Talmont

After leaving the car park, I went towards the entrance to the site with my brochure in hand. I stepped into the lanes of the medieval village. Sturdy hollyhocks stood round the doors to the little houses neatly built of stone. The streets are lined with boutiques offering a wide range of artisan products. One shop released the heady perfumes of soaps into the sea air, others were redolent of sugary delights to open the appetite – and I thought, why not indulge in a pancake with salted caramel sauce!

After this sweet break, I continued with my walk. I arrived at the church of Ste Radegonde. From high up on its ramparts, it dominates the estuary with a majestic air. Going round the cliff I found myself opposite the remains of a citadel which used to be called the "White Tower", rather than a French name. Indeed it was given its name by the English. The town was founded in the 13th century, and it was no less than King Edward 1st of England who decided to fortify the peninsula.

From here I had an uninterrupted view of the cliffs opposite, better known as Roche Caillaud. You can see the vineyards and down below the "carrelet" fishing stations facing the estuary. The place is not only surprising, but captivating too! Its history and setting make Talmont totally unique!

I decided to take a look round the museum to complete my notes. Raised relief maps of various points in time are on show. It allowed me to get an overall view of the village.

After the museum, which was very interesting, I decided to go back to my car at a leisurely pace.

I had a lovely afternoon! I'll bring my class here for the next school outing.

With all the wonderful things I've discovered I'll be able to draw up a really educational but fun tour. I'm sure they'll love it…


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