Learn to play golf among the pine trees near the shore

Among the most famous golf courses in the region, the golf of Royan is characterized by a perfect integration in the heart of the forest of Coubre.

Its 18-hole course unfolds amidst the pine trees, embracing natural dunes. At the beginning of hole number 14 (one Par 3 of 167 m), one sees the ocean, and in favorable weather one can see the Lighthouse of Cordouan.

The golf course also has a driving range, a compact 6 hole course, a 9 hole pitch & putt course, a shop, and a very good table with a view of the 18th green.

For several years now, the footsteps of star dancers have been increasingly supported on the green of the Royan golf course to indulge in a contemporary dance embraced during the festival off A Violin on the Sand.

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royan golf course

Arnaud, 29 years old, improves his golf swing at Royan.

I got into my golfing clothes quickly then sent a message to my father so he could get ready to go. I picked him up from his hotel. We usually plan to have a few days of golf together during the holidays. He's the one who introduced me to the sport. I was 10 the first time I handled a golf club. I quickly developed a taste for the sport which requires good powers of concentration and total control over your body. I couldn't tell you how many hours I have spent on the practice green. I really liked the pitch and putt. In fact I still do today! You have to work on getting a good swing!

We then set off for the La Coubre forest. Royan golf course is one of the most beautiful in the whole region. It's in the heart of the pinaster or maritime pine trees and just a few yards from the ocean. The course is very green with plenty of hills and valleys. I love coming to play here. The natural surroundings make the whole place so authentic.

I prepared my green fee. And we started to play. There's always a touch of competition between my father and me, especially to see who can get a birdie! We each try to outdo the other all round the course. It makes the game even more interesting!

Sometimes we have lunch on the spot. We meet friends here. It means we can enjoy the place even more and spend great times together.


Explanations for novices

Practice green: Area reserved for practising.

Pitch and putt: Small golf course players use to perfect their game. It usually covers between 5 and 15 hectares.

Swing: The whole movement described by the golf club, from the moment it starts to rise right up until impact, and until it stops moving..

Green fee: Fee that the player must pay in order to access the course.

Birdie: A hole played with one stroke under par.

Par: Theoretical number of strokes needed to play a hole or a course. Golfers use it as a reference for playing each hole on the course. The number is calculated officially by the length and difficulty of the hole or course.

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