Thalasso Cocooning

The sea is omnipresent at the Thalazur Institute in Royan.

At the heart of the thalassotherapy institute, you will discover the vast multifunctional basin of sea water. Under pressure, with little broths, in serene currents or in well-oriented jets, the tame water reveals a treasure of benefits. Jacuzzi, geyser, gooseneck, sauna and hammam complete this aquatic course.

From rest in the solarium to physical exercise in a fitness room, from the seaweed wrap to discover the new range of organic marine cosmetics, the catalog of treatments provided is copious. The formulas are flexible, cures of six days, days of discovery of the modelings of the world, but also hydrotherapy or aesthetic treatments à la carte.

The cocooning in bathrobe, the caretakers, is the secret of the thalassotherapy. A time in brackets, in the service of well-being, all the more appreciable as the Institute is integrated with the Hotel Cordouan.

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Thalazur Royan

Evelyne, 52 years old, makes us live her day at the thalassotherapy institute Thalazur.

It's just wonderful to be here! I've never felt so relaxed before! We arrived yesterday and I'm already totally detached from everyday life.

We're on our way to the Marine Area. We're about to get into the seawater pool. One leg then the next and we'll slip gently into the water up to our shoulders. The pebbles on the walls and black granite floor create a serene zen atmosphere. The huge glass windows not only let in the sun but give an uninterrupted view of the sea. The seawater facility consists of a variety of relaxation areas we are eager to try out: underwater jets, geyser, jacuzzi… it's all really delightful.

This afternoon we're going to have a hydrotherapy session. Our bodies will be wrapped in hot seaweed. It's a technique used to rehydrate the body and eliminate the toxins. It will be the first time we've tried this kind of treatment!

Our children had the great idea of giving us this relaxation package in Royan as a Christmas present. We waited until May before making the reservation. We wanted to enjoy a bit of warmth and get a bit of tan during our stay. We live not far from Bordeaux, so we took the ferry at Le Verdon to avoid having to make a big detour. It takes about 25 minutes to cross the estuary. Once you arrive in the port of Royan everything is close to hand.

We'll also spend a few hours looking round the town. I heard there's a little tourist train which provides visits with commentaries. That will be for tomorrow!

In the meantime we're going to warm up in the Turkish Bath, and enjoy the scents of pine trees and eucalyptus …

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