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The estuary of the Gironde, the largest estuary in Europe, stretches over 150 km of shores between Bordeaux and Cordouan Lighthouse, and its width can reach up to 12 km at the mouth.

Rhythmed by the movements of salt water and fresh water, this seaway is dotted with real treasures of heritage, from the city of Bordeaux passing by the Citadel of Blaye to the king of lighthouses, the Lighthouse of Cordouan. Its landscapes alternate between cliffs, hillsides and vineyards, and its wetlands are true reservoirs of biodiversity for fauna and flora, including for migrants who stop there.

At the edge of the water, along the banks of the river, the vineyards, the small harbors, the troglodyte caves, the seaside resorts and the fishing huts commonly known as squares.

And because the estuary is also of a history of men, many manifestations come to rhythm the life around the river.


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