Practising water sports

On the estuary and along its shoreline, the regattas of Royan and the Nautical Station Royan Atlantique with the national label France Station Nautiques propose to practice nautical activities in complete safety.

For a practice in complete freedom, the Nautical Station Royan Atlantique has a Pass 'Nautique and a Pass' Discovery which allow all practitioners, beginners or confirmed, to enjoy nautical activities in the best conditions: on the (Surf, bodyboard, kitesurfing, water skiing ...) or on the sea (catamaran, windsurfing, dinghy, cruise, kayak, stand up paddle ...).

Surfing or kitesurfing enthusiasts, fly-surfing enthusiasts or kite-boarders, beginners or seasoned athletes, the coastline of the beauty coastline is the playground for lovers of gliding and sensations.


the regattas of Royan and the Nautical Station Royan Atlantique

Vincent, 32 years old, tells us his stage of windsurfing.

I'm a happy man, today I spent my first day on the water: I tried windsurfing for the first time!

I asked my parents to enrol me for a five-day course at Régates de Royan in order to try out this water sport. Last year I learnt to surf. I wanted to try something else this year. The idea is to find the sport that suits me best.

I live near Lyon, so the sports I practise the most are skiing and snowboarding!

We spend a month of holidays in Royan in the summer. Some of our family live here, including my two cousins aged 15 and 16 with whom I get on really well. They're the ones who made me want to try a sailing sport, especially Hugo who has already taken part in competitions. As for Pierre, he prefers surfing and stand-up paddle.

I really enjoyed this first day. The instructor was great! I experienced some totally new sensations. The strength of the wind is a factor that our body has to adapt to in order to control the speed and balance properly.

The others in my group are cool, I got on well with many of them.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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