Playing on the Grande Conche beach

Protected by the wind and facing due south, the biggest beach of Royan bears its name well and extends on 2,550 meters.

The blue and white striped tents mark the identity of this sandy beach, an exceptional playground that seduces the whole family and offers all the joys of swimming in the heart of the city.

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Playing on the Grande Conche beach

Zoé - 8 years old - tells us her day at the beach

A car drive of a few hours, and at last we arrived at our destination!

All I wanted to do was go and paddle in the sea with my brother Tom. We just had to drop our luggage at the hotel, and off we went for our first day on the beach!

Before leaving I checked we hadn't forgotten anything: bucket…spade… rake… towel... and especially the brand-new ball Granny gave me for my birthday.

Tom was ready too! Mummy had made a point of preparing snacks for us and Daddy took care of the inflatable boat and sunshade. At last we were ready to go!

We only had a few yards to walk to reach our favourite beach. I took off my flip-flops and started to walk on the warm sand that covered my toes. I spread my towel underneath the sunshade and sat down with my brother. A few yards

from us the grownups were playing beach volley ball and further off I could just see the beach club where I learnt to swim… No need for water-wings this year!

Before we went off to play Mummy put sun cream on our backs. While she was doing so I looked out to sea, and could see little boats sailing over the sparkling water. Off in the distance I saw the Big Wheel. Daddy promised to take us for a ride at the end of the afternoon. There's a fairground next to the beach and a super ice cream parlour where you can get the best ice creams in the whole town! Mummy said if we are good we'll go and taste them later in the week. I'm really looking forward to that!

My brother is already in the water with Daddy. I'm going to join them right away. After wetting my body I'll dive in and swim off to be with them!

The holidays have started at last ….

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