Surfing at Pontaillac

Let yourself be surprised by the waves of Pontaillac beach, a spot for surfer on La Cote de Beauté. This trendy area of Royan is the ideal place to have fun in the waves all year round. Also a good spot for stand-up paddle or bodyboard.

Experienced surf instructors share with you the sensations of sliding and offer introductory and advanced courses.

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Surfing at Pontaillac

Damien - 24 years old - shares with us his passion for surfing.

At 7 am, the sun was rising and the sky was already a brilliant blue. It promised to be a beautiful day!

I got my board ready and slipped into my bodysuit. Max and the others were already there. So I jumped into the car and off to Pontaillac!

There was a good swell and the tide was perfect. That was a good sign! It'll give us a good warm-up before we go off to try out the waves along the Côte Sauvage.

The guys were already in the water - great! Tucked my board under my arm and rushed down to the sea, then all I needed was the first wave… I let myself be carried along by the surging natural forces beneath my feet. A totally intoxicating experience! For me surfing is one of the only sports that allows me to relax completely, both mentally and physically. An invitation for escape that you simply can't allow to go by!

The setting here is really nice!

I remember that when I was little my grand-dad and I would walk along the "Customs Officers' path" with the dog. My grandparents lived close to Le Chay beach. We'd go along to coast to Pontaillac and take a drink on a terrace there before starting back. Great memories!

After our surfing session, we'll pack up our kit and meet again at Max's place.

There's going to be a barbecue. Just what we need to top up our energy again!

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