Swimming off the Côte Sauvage

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the wild coast (côte Sauvage) is well appreciated by surfers for the quality of its waves.

For many people, this exceptional environment is simply a little piece of paradise that unrolls a sandy beach for about twenty kilometers along the dunes and the pine forest.

To feel even closer to this wild nature, some indulge in the discrete charms of naturism.

Swimming off the Côte Sauvage

Charlène - 56 years old - takes us to the Côte Sauvage beach.

You have to follow tracks through the woods and cross the sand dunes to get to these little parts of paradise. I feel totally free when I see these beaches stretching right to the horizon. I love this place. There's always a slight breeze, which is very welcome on the hottest days. As I lie there on the sand the rhythm of the waves invites me to relax totally.

After this little siesta I like to go for a bathe. The first steps into the water are always a bit difficult but after a few strokes it's just pure delight!

Some of the beaches are favourites with surfers. The swell tends to be quite regular in this area. The real enthusiasts have a great time here!

I really like to come with friends in the evening to take advantage of the last rays of sun. Nothing can beat watching the sun go down with a glass of good wine in your hand!

The best views come at the end of the day, at low tide. The seagulls take over the shoreline. A mirror image of the sky gleams in the thin film of moisture over the sand. The sun becomes part of the ocean far out on the horizon. Thanks to the natural mirror effect there is perfect harmony between earth and sky.

The view changes with the seasons. It can be very enjoyable to walk along the shore in the winter time. Sometimes I see a few kite-surfers defying the gusts of wind.

If you're very lucky you might chance upon a fleeting work of art traced in the sand …

The coast gets quite busy in the summer. Some build sandcastles, others play football or beach tennis. The beach becomes a real playground.

The sand is covered with a patchwork of people with their multi-coloured towels and sunshades.

It's precisely this contrast that makes this fabulous place so authentic!

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