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Seafood, fish, cognac and pineau make up gourmet pleasures and many tables make it possible to satisfy the most demanding palates. Between land and sea, the Charentaise cuisine offers its inexhaustible richness and appeals to all flavors. To simmer a dish made of fish, everything that crawls in the estuary, lampreys, shadows, bars, meager ... and eels from neighboring marshes will finish cooked with delicacy and passion by the restorers of the vintage. Grilled or baked, with olive oil, herbs, and flower of salt, a treat.

Whether on the go in an oyster hut or on the menu of a large restaurant, here, gastronomes mock months in R and consume oysters Marennes-Oléron all year round, some deliberately preferring oysters called "milky" . They were tasted cooked in stew in the Middle Ages, today they are accompanied by a small slice of foie gras in the oven.

Other shells are found in the Charentaise kitchen: the cagouilles, snails "petit-gris" that are prepared in several ways. The mussels, tasted in the mouclade or arranged in a spiral shape and cooked by an outbreak of pine needles, l'éclade. Shellfish and crustaceans come to decorate the seafood platter: curries, cakes, periwinkles, clams, knives ... In this inventory, let us not forget the goats, those small gray shrimps that one can prepare to the scalded or Flambées with cognac and the pibales, or glass eels, "golden gray" of the Gironde, as well as the famous caviar of Aquitaine. The best French caviar at the moment! The beautiful story begins at Saint-Seurin-d'Uzet, when the king of fishes, the sturgeon, frequented the waters of the estuary. He is raised in fish farming today in Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde.

The gourmets quickly discovered it, the Pineau of the Charentes is marvelous for the culinary preparations of marinades and dishes simmered and daubes. It marries nicely with the mussels, you will like to find the fruity sweetness in the mouclade. It is also delicious in accompaniment of melon, foie gras, blue cheeses and many other delicacies of cooking. Obtained from white or red grape varieties, by prematurely stopping the fermentation of grape juice by the addition of an old cognac, then aged in oak barrels, the pineau can be enjoyed fresh, as an aperitif or as a dessert wine. A festive wine!

The great wines of Bordeaux at the doors of the Pays Royannais.
Whether you stay on the same bank or cross the Gironde by the ferry, the names sound like promises of pleasure and pleasure. South of Royan, the nearest vineyards are the coasts of Blaye then the coasts of Bourg, bordering. In the Médoc, you will taste three mythical wines: Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac (with three first classified grands crus: Château-Lafite, Château-Latour and Mouton-Rothschild) and Margaux. From these castles, you will be able to radiate in the vineyard to the discovery of multiple crus.

To find these products nothing better than our markets, which are ubiquitous in the city. Among them the central market, located in the heart of the city, representing nearly 200 traders, to make you savor, taste and appreciate the royal specialties and other products that are not found anywhere else. The market of the park, welcomes a dozen businesses from the primeur to the butcher passing by the oyster farmer and the fishmonger.

The tourist office offers you the privileged and unusual visit of the auction, fish auction, followed by a tasting of sushi.

And to put you in the mouth, we offer you some recipes from our chefs.

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