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With an artisanal fleet of thirty boats, the fishing port became a specialty of noble species. The sole, the bar and the lean are by far the first species landed at the auction. Open to wholesalers and retailers, the auction is computerized. Noble species, responsible fishing, shouted model, a quality standard recognized by professionals.

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royan fishing port

Simon, 32, tells us his memories of fishing in Royan.

When I was 10 my grandfather used to take me fishing. We would leave at dawn in his boat. Breton shirts, oilskins, rubber boots, we were kitted out like real professional fishermen!

My grandfather would set the lines, leaving them in the sea for several hours in the hope that several fish would take the hook! Depending on the season we would bring back bass, croaker or bream. After cleaning and scaling the fish my grandmother would cook it for our next meal. It was so delicious!

I don't go fishing nowadays, but I like walking along the port and smelling the sea air which brings back so many souvenirs. Royan is one of the three ports in Charente Maritime to have a fish auction and a fleet of about 30 small professional fishing boats.

The fishing techniques vary with the season and the types of fish. Some of the boats use drift nets, others are fitted out as coast trawlers used for diurnal tides. The trawlers bring back wedge sole or shrimp sold alive. Then there are the netters who go out for 5 days and mostly fish for sole.

The products are really top quality and a real delight to eat!

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