The markets in Royan

Royan's central market is one of the emblematic buildings of the Royan of the 1950s. This avant-garde structure was invented in 1955 by the architects Louis Simon and André Morisseau, assisted by the engineer Bernard Laffaille and his successor, René Sarger.

It is a thin-walled shell of 8 cm thick reinforced concrete, covering a diameter of 52.40 m, and resting on 13 points of support, connected by ties embedded in the ground, Thus avoiding deformations by spacing. The height at the center of the volume is 10,50 m.

The most spectacular event took place at the end of the construction. To make the stripping, the dome was raised by 2 millimeters in the center by jacks of 300 tons to release in three hours the stays of scaffolding. This maneuver avoided any deformation to the structure.

Published in the architectural magazine of today in 1956, this construction represents a realization of international level, insofar as it implements one of the first structures in thin sail of free configuration. It could have served as a model throughout the world: a project for the Nanterre market (architect: Sébillotte), the Xochilmico restaurant in Mexico (architect: Candela), or the State Circus in Bucharest (architects: Porunbescu, Pruncu and Rulea).

The central market was restored in 2003 and has been classified as a historic monument since 2002

The market of the park hosts a dozen shops, florists, primeurs, butcher, fishmonger, oyster farmer ...

This covered market is an achievement of the architect Marc Quentin in the late 50s. Its architecture with the metal structure gives it a status apart in all the royal country.

It is located in the park area, which makes it a convivial place, links and exchanges and proximity by its location.

Find out more about the central market and the park market.

royan central market

Julie accompanies us at the central market to discover local products

Like every summer we're here on holiday in Royan. My parents have a house in the centre of the Foncillon quarter. The children always look forward eagerly to this period of the year. They meet up with their cousins and have tremendous fun together. They go to the beach, or fishing with Daddy, gardening with Granny – there's something different to do every day. They don't have time to get bored!

On Sundays I like to go to the Central Market to buy really good produce for midday lunch. The architecture of the building is really unusual. With its roof shaped like a giant clam shell you can't miss it. I usually go by bike. I go past Notre-Dame church, down Rue Alsace Lorraine then up the road to the market. The building stands slightly raised and gives a good view down Boulevard Briand which runs down to the "red" square, as the locals call it.

The inside is always bustling. The market is a focal point where people come to chat together and try out new products.

The explosion of tastes and colours makes your senses spin! Delicious in every respect!

Cellarmen, fishmongers, butchers, cheesemakers – all the food trades are represented here. They help you choose the best products according to your main dish of the day, and give advice on how to prepare certain foods. In other words, its a very friendly and sharing place.

I remember back when I was 20 we'd be out until dawn with our friends and we'd finish up here at the market eating oysters. Unforgettable times!

But hey! It's already 10 am and I need to get going! We'll be having grilled fish with little seasonal vegetables for lunch!

Enjoy your meal, of course!

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