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Located in the walls of the old market of Pontaillac, the Museum of Royan, a twice destroyed city, three times built, invites you to discover, through the exhibition of its collections and a chronological route, its exceptional history since the " Antiquity until our days, crossing the splendours of the Belle Epoque and living the impetus of the Reconstruction of the Fifties.

Film of epoch and interactive kiosks will transport you in the Royan of the baths of sea and the tents with stripes. You will then be presented the history of the city during World War II, then its renaissance, marked by a particular architecture, which makes it today the most "50 years" city of France.

The Cabinet of Curiosities, meanwhile, will sharpen your senses from surprises to wonders. Elsewhere the archaeological discoveries of the Pays Royannais will transport you through the landscapes, terroirs and villages of our country.

Finally, you will discover in a vast exhibition hall, new cultural events with varied themes (history, art, music).

Entirely on one level, this museum is accessible to people with reduced mobility and has the label tourism and handicap. It has a parking space near the entrance, as well as adapted sanitary facilities.
A service and educational workshops allow the organization of adapted visits (school children, people with mental disabilities).

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