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Royan Tourisme places various economic or marketing data at the disposal of socio-professionals or people with projects.
During the summer season large numbers of tourists are welcomed in the town, taking the total population to over 60,000 during the most busy month, which is August. It should be borne in mind that the local population amounts to about 30% of the tourist population at the busiest time.
The population is experiencing strong growth in the area, notably because of high net immigration.
Tourism is the foremost economic activity in Royan and the surrounding area which, with 17 million bed-nights, represents one of the top performers in Charente-Maritime.
In other words, 1,600,000 inhabitants, 4.9 million tourists a year, 55 million bed-nights, 1.15 billion Euros turnover for the tourist trade and an accommodation capacity of 700,000 beds.

Charente-Maritime Département

Here the figures are 37 million bed-nights and 1,480 million Euros spending by tourists.
Total capacity according to tourism area  (% of total number of tourist beds)
Royan area: 35% - main area in terms of facilities

Marennes-Oléron area: 23%

Ile de Ré: 18%

La Rochelle area: 10%

Rochefort area: 6%

Saintonge Romane area: 3%

Aunis area: 2%

Haute-Saintonge area: 2%

Vals de Saintonge area: 1%

Royan area

Has 220,000 beds – the accommodation capacity represents 35% of the total for the Charente-Maritime département, 16 million bed-nights, or 45% of the total for the Charente-Maritime département, 1.5 million tourists, 430 million Euros turnover.
It also represents: 16,242,000 bed-nights, distributed as follows:

Second homes: 11,000,000 bed-nights

Furnished tourist accommodation: 2,448,000 bed-nights

Camp sites: 2,109,000 bed-nights

Hotels: 324,000 bed-nights

Group accommodation: 190,000 bed-nights

Country furnished rentals: 14,100 bed-nights

Bed and breakfast establishments: 20,000 bed-nights

Camping cars: 10,000 bed-nights


    General database concerning the population, housing, income, employment and establishments in Royan





Table showing the numbers of tourists for the past 4 years  







Royan Tourisme contacts 

154 296 

146 731 

141 754 

145 913 

Royan Tourisme website 

253 285 

330 675 

416 459 

506 779 


Types of customers  

Where do our tourists come from? ?
In the seaside areas, 25% of our visitors come from the Ile de France area around Paris, followed far behind by those from the Loire area (8%), Rhône-Alpes (8%), Centre (8%), Brittany (6%) and Poitou-Charentes area (13%)
Most come with their families (46%) or as couples (27%), far less often with friends (6%) or alone (2%).
They are faithful to the département because  72% of them have already been on holiday in Charente-Maritime.

Finally, their decision on where to stay is motivated  mainly by the presence of the beaches (17%). 

In 37% of cases they stay in outdoor accommodation (camp sites, caravans) or furnished rental accommodation (18%). Hotels represent 8% of the total.
With a daily budget per person (in addition to accommodation) mostly between €10 and €25,  they spend most of their holiday time here on the beach (23%),  visiting various attractions (15%), cycling (11%) or going for walks (10%).

With 34% of responses, the ROYAN area is the one with the most visitors in the département, followed by Marennes-Oléron (27%), Ile de Ré (17%), and La Rochelle (10%).


Royan's tourist offer - Accommodation




accommodation capacity (people)  



1 072 



3 236 

Camp sites


3 531

Second homes

8 139

40 695

Bed and breakfast establishments



Leisure berths

1 000

4 000

Total accommodation capacity for non-permanent population

52 262


Economic benefits


Evolution in visitor's tax










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