What is the Royan area or "Pays Royannais" exactly?

What is the Royan area or "Pays Royannais" exactly?

The "Pays Royannais" is an area covering 34 communes (towns or villages) including  Royan which is the best known and most famous on the Côte de Beauté. The Royan area stretches over more than 50 km of Atlantic coastline between two estuaries. The multitude of places to discover and very varied country landscapes are so many invitations to travel. Four entirely different environments make the Royan area exceptionally rich in terms of both the historic and natural heritage.

The "Pays Royannais" in figures:

  • 34 communes
  • 604 km² surface area  
  • 79,920 inhabitants
  • 132 inhabitants per km²
  • 13 Communes with over 2,000 inhabitants :
  • 1 Commune with over 15,000 inhabitants:
  • Number of inhabitants during the summer season approximately 430,000, i.e. a population density of 712 inhabitants per km²

Figures for each commune

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