Town of Art and History

Royan, Town of Art and History since 2011


What does Town of Art and History mean?

  • label : the Town of art and history  label is awarded by the Ministry for Culture to areas that undertake a policy of making the most of their heritage.
  • An undertaking:  : these actions in favour of their heritage are defined jointly by the State and local authorities in the framework of a pluri-annual agreement.
  • network:  : : today there are 184 places in France with the town or land of art and history label. It is identified by a logo, a graphic chart and the presence of architecture and heritage presenters.
  • mission carried out by professionals:  : entrusted to a technical and scientific specialist
  • At the service of all types of public: the inhabitants, the younger generations, not forgetting  tourists..
  • Concerning all types of  heritage,from contemporary  architectural creations to town planning, country-sides, ,etc. - of any age..


Town of art and history, what's the point?

On the contrary to what people often think, the label implies no constraints for the population. So it is not like the architectural, urban and countryside heritage protection areas (French ZPPAUP) or other public interest easements. The label is a national recognition of the architectural qualities of Royan, and above all the determination of the local authorities to make the most of its heritage and turn it into an attraction.


Town of art and history, how does it work?

A municipal department – the heritage department – under the direction of an architecture and heritage presenter, is entrusted with the implementation of Town of Art and History actions. The heritage department carries out scientific research into all aspects of heritage elements, so that intervention actions can be set up:

  • A programme of guided visits to discover the heritage (on foot, by bicycle, outings, by bus, etc)
  • Means by which to discover the heritage (leaflets about visits)
  • Educational workshops
  • Circuits to guide the visitor who wants to explore the town independently
  • Exhibitions
  • Heritage panels on the monuments in the area concerned
  • Annual events: Architecture Month, Archaeological Days, Garden Open Days, European Heritage Days.



For further information on the Town of Art and History label, contact Royan Town heritage department at

Tel. +33 (0)5 46 39 94 45

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