Responsible tourism


The right reflexes to pack in your bag

Take all those "durable development" habits you have at home with you on holiday!


  • Take a shower rather than a bath
  • Don't let your children play with the beach showers
  • Tell the staff at your hotel that you don't need a change of sheets or towels every day


  • Protect yourself from the sun (shutters, sunshades, humidifiers, etc.) rather than use the air-conditioning
  • Make the most of the coolness provided by the night and breezes

On the beach

  • Choose sun cream rather than a sun oil which is bad for marine plant life
  • Don't bury anything in the sand. There are waste sorting bins available on all Royan's beaches, and beach ashtrays are distributed free at the Tourist Office..
  • Fires are not allowed.

At sea

  • During leisure activities using motor-driven craft, keep to the speed limits and obey the marker buoy indications
  • Prefer bare sandy banks when you need to anchor a boat
  • When diving, just look, don't touch. The marine ecosystem is fragile and you might disturb it
  • Remember to take a rubbish bag with you when you go out to sea

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