Our Qualité Tourisme undertaking

In 18 November 2014, ROYAN TOURISME obtained the Qualité Tourisme brand

In doing so it joined 288 other Tourism Offices who were already approved (out of about 2,500 in France).  

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand represents the culmination of the Quality Procedure implemented by ROYAN TOURISME in compliance with national compulsory undertakings. It is issued by the French Tourist Offices for a duration of three years. The brand covers all the Tourist Office services:

  • Relationship with local authority
  • Management
  • Promotion
  • Relationship with public authorities
  • Relationship with socio-professional groups,
  • Visitor reception,,


All in all the Tourist Office complies with 166 quality criteria.

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand, registered with the Ministry responsible for Tourism, provides a guarantee for tourists and proves they can have confidence. It consolidates the "Quality" undertakings of tourism professionals whose goal is good quality service.


It also clarifies what the tourist industry has to offer.

Some of the many advantages:

  • It provides the means for constantly improving the response to customer's expectations..
  • It increases awareness of the Tourist Office missions, the quality of its work and its professionalism..
  • It makes ROYAN more attractive.


The ROYAN TOURISME quality policy

Place the accent on contacts with our customers

  • By offering a welcome suited to each type of customer: providing you with easily accessible reception and information areas.
  • Providing somewhere for you to sit down
  • Training staff specialised in hospitality and placing them at your disposal to ensure you receive constantly improving service
  • Keeping waiting times to a minimum by providing up-to-date information and IT tools in the reception area
  • Answering your enquiries quickly whatever the method used to make them
  • Answering your mail all year round
  • Answering your mail all year round

Make it easier to find information and help with any formalities

  • By welcoming you at different centres: Sea front and various information points during the season
  • Adapting the Tourist Office hours according to your needs throughout the year
  • Offering a WRD (Web Responsive Design) website www.royan-tourisme.com ,, a website in English and a website in German, and offering you a location-based tourist information service integrating the latest information and communication technologies: we are on the social networks, with Facebook (Royan Tourisme page) and Twitter. All kept up to date in real time.
  • Making information available to you outside our opening hours thanks to an website that can be used by smartphones and tablets.
  • Displaying and communicating our opening hours in French, English and German
  • Remaining open at least 300 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the season, and non-working days
  • Displaying emergency telephone numbers outside our premises, in 2 foreign languages
  • Offering free Wifi access without any charge ( 1st hour )
  • Displaying what accommodation is available between April and September on all our IT supports and also telling you over the counter

Provide information

  • By responding to the needs of each type of customer
  • Giving free information about local tourist attractions
  • Providing an uninterrupted reception service staffed by people speaking at least two other languages in addition to French
  • Providing tourist maps, town plans and tourist guides on paper
  • Distributing our tourist information (accommodation, leisure activities, heritage sites, entertainment, health and emergencies etc) also on paper, translated into English and German and updated annually
  • Presenting all the qualified offers in ROYAN and guaranteeing the accuracy
  • Helping organise your stay by providing access to the availability records for classified accommodation

Deal with customer complaints

  • By responding and following up responses with corrective action within 72h
  • Measuring contact quality in order to improve it
  • Measuring your satisfaction levels

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