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Philippe LEGRAND

The twinning charter was signed in October 1980 by the then Mayors of Royan, Mr Pierre LIS, and of Balingen, Dr Fugen FLEICHMANN. A delegation of 350 people arrived in Royan by special train for the occasion.
Balingen is a town in Bad Würtemberg located to the north of Lake Constance and south of Stuttgart, capital city of the Land, and close to the Black Forest.
The young generations are one of the priorities for the twinning agreement. Exchanges takes place throughout the year:
- schools: the pupils at Henri Dunant secondary schools and Sainte-Marie school go to Balingen in February and the pupils of Balingen Gymnasium come to perfect their French in May.
- sport: judo, handball, fencing, cycle touring, etc.
- musical and cultural with the school of music, and also the Scout troop. The Royan Scout troop attended a 3-day camp in 2008 along with Scouts from Frommern.

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ROYAN – GOSPORT (United Kingdom)

Elisabeth Townsend

The idea of twinning Royan and Gosport came up in 1958, during a programme on French radio "Europe 1" about "the Bilingual World".
It was Max BRUSSET, then Deputy and Mayor of Royan who took the initiative. The idea was very quickly put into practice by setting up twinning committees presided by the Mayors in the two towns - which have a lot of points in common – and specialised commissions: teaching, arts and culture, tourism, social and sporting activities.
Gosport lies on the south coast of Britain in the county of Hampshire.
The town has always had strong links with yachting - and also warships.
In 2009 the twinning of Royan and Gosport celebrated its 50th anniversaryème. A great many delegations have taken part in exchanges over the past half-century. Many others will join us in order to perpetuate the spirit of twinning.

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Annapolis-Royal was founded by Pierre DUGUA DE MONS who came from Royan, in 1605.
It was the first colony in North America. It was also the very start of Acadia. At this time the "Habitation" of Port Royal was built, the first colony in North America.
A young cartographer on the expedition, Samuel CHAMPLAIN, following instructions from Pierre DUGUA, went on to found the town of Quebec whose 400th anniversary we celebrated in 2008.

In 1995, Royan and Annapolis-Royal signed a friendship pact. Since then our two towns have joined their destinies.

Annapolis Royal lies on the west coast of Nova Scotia. Annapolis Royal is also called Port-Royal, not to be confused with the village of Port-Royal or Habitation of Port-Royal.

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